Varanasi Travel Guide: Feel Like A Dweller And An Alien At The Same Time

Varanasi Travel Guide: Feel Like A Dweller And An Alien At The Same Time

Instagram powered Virtual Kashi travel.

February 1, 2018

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Kashi is located on the banks of holy Ganga, on the tip of Lord Shiva's trident, or where the nose and the eyebrows meet. The place where one is able to see through the beauty of nature into the truth of things. The place that makes you fall in love, with not just the body but also the mind, heart, and soul.

It is said, in Kashi, you get to see your own reflection. The more we speak about its mystical vibes and spiritual roots, the lesser it seems. One can never get enough of Kashi (Also known as Banaras or Varanasi) through words. Just seeing around makes you happy.


It not only does bring new wonders into the scope of vision but also enables one to see what is already there. The city of Kashi illuminates truth and reveals reality. Where this eternal light intersects the earth, beneath the orange orb and into the icy waters, it is known as Kashi.

You will get to see the colorful air of Kashi through the following pictures that we have collected from Instagram. Each of this picture has a special thing hiding in it, speaking volumes about the city of Lord Shiva. Stop thinking and start your virtual walk with us in Kashi.

1. Snake Charmers

You see saffron-clad men? These two men on the ghats of Kashi, in a colorful attire resembling the saints, are actually snake charmers. Playing tunes on their enchanter, they were once emblematic to India but now, they are becoming a part of the vanishing breed. Yet, Kashi is a home to most of them!

2. Friendly Saints

Walking into the Ganga at Kashi, you can find friendly saints sailing on the waters with all their belongings. This shows the friendship tale of the holy waters of Ganga and the faith of people. Too many wanderers exist in the spiritual hotspot of India, for they know nothing will go wrong in Mahadev Ki Nagri!

3. Busy Ghats

Coming back after the boat ride, the daily businesses conducted by the staircases constructed at banks of Ganges will grip you. The people are busy and careless, enjoying the fresh breeze, and bathing, and washing, and shaving, and singing songs!!

4. Packed Landscape

Today, Kashi is like any other dusty town in north India but this doesn't hide that it is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. With tightly packed houses, irritating honking of vehicles and the obligatory cow in the middle of the street looking bewildered, it will take you back to 1500 BC for sure!

5. Chai Love

One entire street sells paneer, other one sells kachoris, another one sells silver, and yet another street sells hand-stuffed beds. To round it all off, there is hearty lassi and paan. But, the most loved thing in the bewildering maze of shops and houses in Banaras is the tea stall, which serves people all day all night. A chai lover?

6. Ganga Arti

And after having tea, if you get to see the glamorous Ganga Arti, which takes place every day after the sun sets, you will see magic happening before your eyes. Spend some more time to see Kashi in pre-dawn. The birds chirping, temple bells ringing and waves softly slapping the water is sheer bliss!

7. Millions Of Stories

Just the moment morning comes back to give you company, you realize uncountable stories are born in Banaras every single day. Stories about love, around balconies, on the boats and even by the cycles!

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Close your eyes and imagine. The water will rise up to your waist and then to your chest. Just hold your nose, close your eyes, purse your lips tightly and plunge into the river of hope. Maybe one of those million stories takes birth with the mere feel of the place.

These pictures by wanderers are a small glimpse of Incredible India. But these definitely contain the essence of Kashi, or Banaras, or Varanasi. (Whatever you love to call it!)

Har Har Mahadev!

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