What Happens When A Reclusive Introvert Guy Asks His DREAM GIRL For A Date

What Happens When A Reclusive Introvert Guy Asks His DREAM GIRL For A Date

Dil ke armaan aasuyon mein beh gaye!

April 10, 2018

Article By- Abhudai Pal

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“Yeah, finally I’m going on a date”, said my introvert friend. I chided him, how many years does it take you to ask her on a date?

“I was thinking to ask her for a month, yesterday I convinced myself either the answer would be YES or No, thus after mustering hell amount of courage, then I messaged her “Mere sath date pe chalogi”?”, he replied.


The expression on my friend face while disseminating his first date plan, were so cheerful, ecstatic as if he had got the “KOHINOOR DIAMOND”. He was enthusiastic, energetic, charismatic, and voluble to go on his first date. I felt happy for his happiness; finally, he won’t bore me by solely talking about her whole day. And alas! I am free from listening about her eyes, hairs, dressing-sense, and make-up blah-blah.

The worst thing, I wasn’t even allowed to make a mockery of her. As i was afraid of getting kicks by my INTROVERT fellow ruthlessly.


“She said 99% is confirmed that I will come, 1% confirmation I will give you the day before date” She added further.

How would an introvert date be?
He will sit beside her and look at her? Really? No, he will be looking at the different directions instead of looking at her. He will think to start a conversation, and that thinking time will extend to half an hour, then what will he talk about? What if he talked about academics, and then he might get punched in the face. If he talked about his family, then things could be boring but certainly better than a punch. He is so shy especially in case of girls. Because he is an INTROVERT.


What would he wear?
If he wore his favorite “JEANS AND KURTA”, he looks too weird in it. And if he tried to wear casual shirt and jeans, he might look creepy. Formals could be better on him but after all, he is going on date, not in a job-interview.


Would he even touch her?
A big NO, the man who just run away when he sees two alone girls staring at him.

Would he hug her?
Then, this poor guy must be boggling in mind; his idealism will say “NO, take permission first. Haven’t you seen “GANGS OF WASSEYPUR-2”? “I am just going to hug, taking permission would be disgusting or un-modern, bro I’m living in 21st century”, could be another argument of his brain. “No means No” haven’t you seen “PINK” could be my friend argument.

And as always, this is his defense mechanism when I pushed him to do something.


Hey, do you like songs? I like romantic songs, “Phir Bhi Tumko Chaunga” is one of my favorites. This would be frightening as whenever he speak something he is fond of, he takes a short pause of one hour. Thus, this also could be a kick off situation.

Most important, how would he give her rose and a pendant he bought for her? Or rose and a pendant will come back home without taking from the bag!

A day before, I advised him to stay calm and confident enough for tomorrow.


The moment when she replied!
“1% percent probability of not coming is confirmed and 99% probability of meeting is disposed off” He exclaimed in pain. I was confused, should I sympathize with my friend or laugh at another promise broken by his “DREAM GIRL”.

“She must be busy, else she is a very good girl”, my friend said on another day after being insomniac for the last night.


I am again being bored by listening about his Dream Girl, since I have left with no choice. And I think it will take him another span of 4 years to propose her!

PS: Singles are happy!

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