Free Event

No Setup Cost

No Platform Fee


Paid Event

No Setup Cost

4% Platform Fee

18% GST on Paltform Fee

E.g. A ticket of INR 100 sold via the platform having INR 4 as applicable Paltfrom Fee & INR 0.72 as applicable GST

If Organiser Bears, after deduction of platform fee & taxes, the organiser gets INR 95.28 for a ticket

If Customer Bears, INR 4.72 is paid on top of ticket price by customer, and the organiser gets INR 100 for a ticket


Do It Yourself event solution platform

Multiple ticket type (variable prices) creation

Choice of who will pay the Platform Fee

Real time data of sale tracking in dashboard

Acess to event registration database

Help & support for customer queries & other problems

Follow up on incomplete transactions for maximum sales

Multiple payment options for customer such as UPI, wallets, Net Banking, Debit Card & Credit Card

Ticket confirmation through e-mail with order summary