While It Is Time to Worship 9 Goddesses, Do We Really See The Lesson It Has To Convey?

While It Is Time to Worship 9 Goddesses, Do We Really See The Lesson It Has To Convey?

Rape remains a mystery of religion.

March 19, 2018

Article By- Abhudai Pal

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‘Happy Hindu Nav Varsh- 2075’

Many WhatsApp message akin to this flashed on my cell phone screen on 18th March 2018. As a token of friendliness, I replied to each of them with, “Same to you”.

Besides this, I was also reminded to buckle up for coming 9 days for fast and to do “POOJA” via my WhatsApp Messenger. I soon remembered, that Durga Pooja, a very religious and celebrated festival of Hinduism, has arrived.

Overwhelmed by the fact that for coming nine days, north-India will be transcended into a sacred place, I kept my hope alive.


I presumed all sorts of crimes will vanish. All people will worship the 9 goddesses “SHAILPUTRI, BRAHMACHARI, CHANDRAGHANTA, KUSHMANDA, SKANDMATA, KATYAYANI, KAALRATRI, MAHAGAURI, and SIDDHIDATRI”, with utmost dedication. Everyone will be super busy with the rites and rituals that follow.


The peaceful sounds of bells are resonating in the ambience. The aroma of incense stick and the yellow flames are pacifying the eyes. The chants are echoing the ears of the devotees.

On the last day of Durga Pooja, girls will be scoured for “KANAK/KANYA”. Just visualizing all this placed me on cloud nine. What a wonderful country I live in!

“Crimes will vanish”, as I wrote few sentences prior, the crime which I was referring to at first was “RAPE”. Will it also vanish? Will our KANYAS be revered forever and ever?

In my country India, girls are considered as an incarnation of GODDESS. Nobody can dare to look at them with bad intentions, but yes, any moron can rape them.


Whether they are married, or they are unmarried, they are endangered at every point in time.

I wondered, do we (as a society of human beings) extract any value from religious festivals? And if we extract, do we apply them in our life?

Is it simply a 9-day show in which whole society acts (very awesomely) and then gets back to normal devil routine?


“Rape is the fourth most COMMON crimes in INDIA,” says Wikipedia. I felt annoyed with the use of the word “COMMON”. How could a crime so heinous, so barbaric be termed as “COMMON”?

Delving into some stats, NCRB report of 2013, accounted 24,923 rape cases pan India in 2012. How bad is our society? Is that why understanding parents advised their daughters to stay indoors?


Well, ladies and gentlemen, out of 24,923 rape cases, 24,470 rapes were committed by known people of the victim! And ironically, just to maintain their reputation and propriety, the parents of the victim are unwilling to discuss this issue with the family.

I am unable to grasp, where will a child go, if he or she suffers? To parents, but the Indian parents, due to their conservative mindset, never make a conscious effort to listen to their child patiently?

FYI, the man who called Padmavati as “RAJMATA”, his state, Madhya Pradesh tops the list, as per NCRB 2015 statistics in registering highest raw number of rape reports in India.


If we celebrate Navratri twice a year (not just once) and are still are not able to change society’s mindset regarding females, then I must conclude that religion cannot make a positive change in society.

Then what else might help?

Did Nirbhaya case enlighten the people of India?

Did candle march spread light in the surroundings?

Did self-defence programs empower our women?


The devil is still hiding in the detail. The number of rape cases in Delhi were 572 in 2011 and in 2016 it reached in 2155.

Congratulations! There was 277% increase in rape cases. I thought the rape victims are mainly young females but I shuddered when the news of Arifa Bano an 8-year-old girl of Kathua (J& K) was raped and killed. Shameful for us!

I ardently believe to make a lasting change and to hit hard the patriarchal mindset which considers women as an object to satisfy their lust, the government of India must educate people.

The GOI does nothing except doing lip service for the education sector. The UPA government allocated 4.57% for education in 2013-2014, whereas NDA government allocated only 3.65% in 2016-17.


I think they are afraid. If the citizens of India get educated, then people like me will question them. So, finally, the baton to educate people is on us.

We must talk about rapes and create awareness to make our country socially happy. We shouldn’t be just observing the Navratri fasts. We should be incorporating the message it has to convey.

Women are the pillars of our society. We must protect them, instead of putting them in danger. Need I say anything more?

Well, Shubh Navratri.

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