Rejection Can Make You Or Break You Depending Upon How You Perceive It

Rejection Can Make You Or Break You Depending Upon How You Perceive It

Is your rejection worthy?

April 27, 2018

Article By- Abhudai Pal

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“You aren’t made for marketing jobs.”
“You are too ugly to date.”
“Your dressing sense isn’t up to our standard.”
“You are good for nothing.”

These are the words which a person usually hears from his friend, family or relatives in his/her life at least once. These sentences can be considered as “REJECTION”. Aren’t they?


Everyone faces rejection in his or her life daily. Consider the statements, “You stay out of our elite group”, “You aren’t fit to appear for JEE-Advance” and “Congratulations. You couldn’t made it to your dream COLLEGE”. These all are plainly rejections.

Why worry about rejection?
Does it inflict any injury on human personality psychologically or physiologically?
Does rejection truly affect IQ or reasoning ability?


Psychiatrists say, “Speaking Neurologically, the trauma of rejection is equivalent to physical injury”. So, the harder a rejection, the harder is pain.

Psychiatrists found that the same region of brain responds when either rejection or physical injury episode took place. To find the root cause of such severe outcomes, we must travel back into history.

In ancient times, tribal groups stayed together. If any member is ostracized, for him/her this “REJECTION” was equivalent to death. So, this was the farce of “REJECTION” then. And it is borne by HUMAN BEINGS till today. Rejection even lowers I.Q. temporarily.


As per my horizon, I classify REJECTION as:

1. Worthy Rejection:

“You are fired”, “You aren’t a suitable co-founder for my website”, “You lack skill for marketing”, “You can’t get admission to this prestigious college”. These types of rejection are worthy of thought.

These rejections ruthlessly make you aware of your present skills to survive in this world. A person must be grateful to such rejections because they let him/her know his/her present stature. They must be taken positively to enhance skills.

2. Unworthy Rejection

“You are too ugly to date”, “You can’t be part of our group because you are creep”, “Your dressing sense is obsolete”. These rejections are purely subjective in nature and there is a good chance of such rejection motivated by “ENVY, ENMITY, HATRED etc”.

Does it really need to have a swag to be part of such pretentious group? Despite of being sad, you must laugh at their notions of making friends. Whose harm is it for rejecting you on date. Thus, these rejections don’t even deserve to be considered.


“You lack imagination and no good ideas.” Walt Disney editor told him. J K Rowling got fired working at the London office of Amnesty International. The reason was that she would write stories on her work computer all day long. And today, HARRY POTTER is an all generation favorite.


“You aren’t fit for television.” was told to Oprah Winfrey. Today she is an Oscar award winning singer. We know these people. They are prolific in their respective fields and they worked - hard to excel. They are known world-wide and will be known till world exist.


They took every single rejection as a building block and avoided cribbing or complaining to the world.
Rejection is no doubt painful. To get normal, talk to your beloved ones, speak yourself out and let it go.


The next time you are rejected, ask yourself - Is the rejection worthy or unworthy?

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