‘Let us talk about sex’, But what to talk? Whom to talk? Why to talk?

‘Let us talk about sex’, But what to talk? Whom to talk? Why to talk?

Correction needed.

April 8, 2018

Article By- Abhudai Pal

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Many a times on social media, I went through the videos or memes saying - Let’s talk about sex, Let’s speak out, It is okay, and similar others. The most ironical aspect of them is the fact that they are shared by youngsters, who know everything about sex!


I am utterly confused. What content do they want to talk when they say, “Let’s talk about sex”? It never tells with whom they are eager to talk about sex. It never tells if they want to converse about it with opposite sex or same sex. It is too vague.

Hey what’s your sex?
Do you have sex?
How you did it?
When you did it?


Any of these questions will perfectly fit the content. I tell you, sex is such a topic, that it is damn unclear about which aspect they want to explore.

1- Age of having sex or maturity of a person to have sex?
2- How many people a person can have sex?
3- Ways to have sex?
4- Good sex or Bad sex if something like this exist?
5- Pre-requisites of having Sex?
6- Safe sex?
7- Sex and morality?


And you can add more to the list. I believe the user who shares such posts never contemplates over it. Since the word sex arouses feelings, they simply make these things to trend. The issue connected with this trends is mainly age and morality.

The people to break ice about it must be parents. It is parents who should talk and tell them not to get easily flowed in the emotional urges of sex. It is the sharing of body, so you must be very conscious with whom to share. You have the right to choose but don’t be in hurry. Don’t take it as an act of having fun. Don’t fall into the trap of one-night stand.


Another aspect which must be addressed by parents is relationships. It isn’t just about having a partner for sex. It is much broader. Sex is just a part of it, not a pillar of it.

“It seems too boring to repeat the same process with the same person. You need to know the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility!”, could be the argument given by your children.


And if it is so, then it is the sole responsibility of parents to convince them. We need perfect blend of morality, spirituality, emotions and materialism to sustain in this world.

If parents talk about sex and relationships to their kids in their teenage itself, the scenario would have been different. India might not have been ranking at 3rd position in porn watching worldwide.

So, I think instead of sharing posts like “Lets talk about sex”, the improvised version must be “Parents must talk about sex with their children”. The message becomes meaningful and the meaning conveyed is precise.

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